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Commemorative Brick Campaign


Take a look around you.  Recent graduates, teachers, community leaders - someone has made a difference in your life and has impacted this community.  Honor them by remembering their achievements.  Engrave their name and memory on a brick at any of our schools, the school board office or auditorium.

We offer two brick sizes, 8"x 8" and 4" x 8".  Both allow for inscription and logo.  Visit for clipart options.  For a slight additional charge, we offer mini replicas of your brick.   Orders will be collected through August 15th.   

CCEFBrickOrderFormv14 (pdf)


Spencer Christian Journeys Home

Hometown Hero

On June 10th, guest spent the afternoon  with Spencer as he reminisced with childhood friends and shared stories from his recently released autobiography You Bet Your Life, How I Survived Jim Crow Racism, Hurricane Chasing, and Gambling.  

Returning Soon!

Spencer reaffirmed his long-time commitment to childhood literacy and to work with us to bring greater investment to our public education system.  He plans to return to the county - so stay tuned!

Our Commitment to You

Spencer's announcement is a turning point for the Foundation.  Over the summer we established our first permanent office in the school board administrative offices.

We Thank Our Partners